Economic challenge and new maritime risks management: what blue growth?

The European research program ERC Human Sea, and the Marisk symposium join to organize an international maritime event on October 3rd and 4th 2016 at La cité, Nantes Events Center, France

Of major scientific importance, the Human Sea – Marisk symposium will be centered on the theme “Economic challenges and new maritime risks management: what blue growth?“.

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Previsional Program

Monday October 3, 2016


Opening Speech

Patrick CHAUMETTE, Professor, Maritime and Oceanic Law Centre, University of Nantes, (France).


Maritime and port security: public interest or private business?

More details here   What is the role of private organizations in the management of security? Should States be sovereign on these aspects?   Chairman: Laurent GALY, French National Institute of Maritime Safety and Administration (ENSAM), (France).   The approach to maritime security, Chris TRELAWNY, Special advisor of the Secretary-General, Subdivision for Maritime Security and […]

14H00-18H00 - Three panels in parallel

Marine Renewable Energies

More details here   Protection of offshore wind farms – New port and maritime jobs   Chairman: Professor Franck SCHOEFS, Professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Physics,University of Nantes, France   The development of Marine Renewable Energy and marine safety, Sylvain TRAVERSA,  1st class ensign, “Marine Renewable Energies” Head Office, Division […]

IT security of ports, ships, and platforms

Safety of the installations
Towards an international certificate of IT security?

Junior conference

The junior conference is an opportunity for students, PhD students or recent PhDs, to present their work on the themes of the symposium.


Gala Dinner

Cocktail at “The Machines de l’île” located on the banks of the Loire River and Gala Dinner at “Les Salons du Nantilus”

Tuesday October 4, 2016


High Reliability Organizations at sea

Concept and conditions
Organization of the shipping compagny
The interface board – technical system


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High Reliability Organizations at sea

Offshore platforms
Ships and marine events: violence at sea, boat people
Crew Training


Closing Session

Arnaud LEROY, Deputy of National Assembly (France) Patrick CHAUMETTE, Maritime and Oceanic Law Centre (CDMO), University of Nantes, (France)

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This program is funded by the 7th Research and Development Framework Program

ERC-2013-AdG-340770 Convention